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Perth Shopfitters & Co prides itself on always taking the extra-mile in delivering the best fit-out services for your gym. Our services make it possible for you to have the setup modified in such a way that will fit your gym niche, regardless of what it may be.

If you want to us to do changes that will heighten the safety or functionality features, our team of fitting experts have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that your new gym fit out is perfectly executed to meet your specifications and needs. With that, we are always ready to take on the challenge and to bring in these services for you:

  • Different Modifications Available:

At Perth Shopfitters & Co, we also have some of the modifications that include the anchoring of machinery to make sure they are suitably stable and cannot be easily moved. This is a crowd favourite  for those who are in need to put up a fitness centre in a detention centre, because there are specific areas of the gym equipment that cannot be removed and used in a harmful way;

  • Safety Should Always Be A Top Priority

If the discussion comes to providing environments that have commercial gym equipment, it is quite imperative to put safety at the top of the priority list. At Perth Shopfitters & Co, you will be assured in knowing that we will give you a fit out that features safety, while providing you with your desired aesthetic and ensuring that the highest safety measures are adhered to and placed securely.

The Best Gym Environment in Perth

When you are planning to make a fitness space, it is crucial to understand the environment where it will be set up. This is so, because some areas, such as detention areas, need additional safety features to be installed with the equipment. Doing so ensures that the people at the detention centre can use the equipment whilst remaining safe. On top of this, we bring you a wide range of colour options to make sure that everything else fits with your current theme or colour schemes. If you need a logo, we can also provide that for you.